Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Time of The "Little Prick" is here!!!

Hi. As you now may know; I am Little Prick. No I didn't choose this name for blogging bcause I thought that it may be a clever or catchy name. It was chosen because, that is exactly what I am. I'm not even making a blatent reference to phalacy in any way. All of those that choose to read my blogs will soon begin to realize that I am ecactly what I claim to be; Just a "Little Prick".
So... how about a little backround information?
Well, I have been a Worcester (a.k.a. Worstever) resident for just a little over thirty years now. I've lived in just about all of the various neighborhoods that Worcester has to offer. As a child, I lived for some years in the wonderful Great Brook Valley. Living there as a young, crippled, white, child really taught me (at a young age) some of the finer points of growing up in the Worcester projects. But, I survived that and turned out just fine.
At the time of adolescence my family and I moved to the Grafton Hill section of the city. this is pretty much where I did all of my growing up. I attended junior high and high school while living there. I made a lot of friends while being on the Grafton Hill. Many of which, are to this day, some of the best friends I've ever had. Honestly, of all the neighborhoods that I've lived in, this was my favorite one. The Grafton Hill of the early to mid 90's was a pretty decent place for a young person to have grown up in.
During early adulthood, I had the great displeasure of spending quite a few years living in the Belmont Hill area. To be more precise, Rodney St. The only thing about living there that was any fun was that during the summer evenings you almost never needed cable. All you'd have to do is sit out front of your building (especially on a Friday night) and just watch the neighborhood people out on the streets fighting about whom ever drank their last beer, or argue over who sells the fatest "rocks". Sometimes it was quite amusing, but lots of times I would have daydreams about a terrorist attack that would take that entire street out.
In the the years that followed I lived in many other spots. i.e.; Pleasant St., Shrewsbury St. ( which would have been nice if I could have been able to put up with the hundreds of drunks that seemed to congrigate there to get even more intoxicated, due to just the fact that it was Shrewsbury St.), Green Hill area, and even the Tatnuck Sq. area.
Nowadays I live, with my family, in the Main South neighborhood. I really have to tell you what a great big peice of shit this area is. I mean don't get me completely wrong, some of my heighbors are really nice people, and I have met some decent people from this neighborhood, but for the majority, it really is a shitty place to raise kids. It's pretty much impossible for me to go to the local convenience store without being asked for money by a potetial patron of said conveniant store. Actually it's more like; " Yo man, let me get a dollar", than it is asking. Also, I personally don't have anything against the smoking of pot (a.k.a. marijuana), but I really hate it when I bring my kids to the nearby park and on the way in someone offers to sell me a "dime", then, about half way to the area for kids to play, a few local "customers" of said salesman are enjoying themselves a "smoke" not more than ten feet away from where kids are expected to slide down the slides, and swing on the swings. To me this is just plain disrespectful of chidren. To sell and or use "mary" in a place designed for children to play, have fun, and retain some of their youthful innocence.
But, enough on this subject. As I've said, I've lived all over Worster and personally I really, honestly fucking hate this city (if you can even call it that). Every thing that this backwoods shithole tries to accomplish just plain fails. Like, how many more times can we rebuild that eye sore of a mall downtown just to have it fail again and again. I also hold a special place in my heart for all the people out there that seem to really like this "shitty", I loathe every one of those people and really look foward to expressing this in my future blogs.
So, please make sure to tune in for further blogs of hatred and disgust for the city of Wista and those that actually are willing to defend it.


  1. Welcome to the Wustah Blogahspeah. You may not want to remain anonymous though. That single element alone will have the wolves droolin' at your doorstep...

    Then again, if that's your thing...

  2. I don't need my family attacked like that poor guy that Paulie went after, wrongly. So anonimity must be the way I go. To hell with anyone that doesn't like it!

  3. If you care about the Main South neighborhood, and want to be able to converse with Main South beat police officers and the D4 City Councilwoman you should come to the Main South Public Safety meetings held every other Thursday at the Main South CDC.

    Its not like I drink the Billy Breault and Barabara Haller Kool Aid, but it is a good way to get a pulse of the neighborhood and be updated on what these thugs you speak of are up to. It can be an entertaining hour and a half. There are usually 15 to 20 residents there along with a few WPD, Barbara and Billy.

  4. Thank you for the advice, I really would like to see something done to clean up the Main South neighborhood. I'm not unrealistic, so I know that only so much can be done, but it's at least worth a try.