Sunday, July 5, 2009

Who's House??

Well folks, it's that time of year, in Worster, again. The summer sun shining, young children in the front yard playing and enjoying their time off from school, massive amounts of rednecks and guys suffering from MPE ( male penus envy) riding around in their souped up, way to friggin loud muscle cars, and of course the Worster fireworks.
I have to admit, I really hate this time of year in this backwoods, redneck-ville town. In the past I have found any and every excuse to get out of town for the usual (and monotinous) 4th of July festivities that Worcester has to offer. I must admit, that back when I was a boy of just 16 years old, that the "burnouts" was somthing I had looked forward to. But since then I have grown up and matured. I guess the shitty of Worster has never grown up or matured for that matter. I honestly can't think of anything more juvenille ( other than snapping bra straps) than to race around town in a brightly colored hotrod, and then either attend or yet worse, participate, in an event like the "burnouts". Come on people, grown men (and some woman) spinning and burning their tires while the areas finest people hoot and holler at you!! Plus, from what I've heard (since I haven't actually attended this event since MY days of juvenille adolesence) you have to to dish out your hard earned cash, during these times of recession, to have the pleasure of hootin' and hollerin' at such an event.
To think, all of this good old fashioned mullet-style fun leads right up to the main event, the Worster fireworks! It's actually amusing to me that people start lining their lawn chairs up at the wee hours of the morning just so they can have a good seat for the fireworks display, which doesn't even happen until around 8:30 or 9:00 at night. I, for one (as usual) will not be present for any of these events. Like I said, I grew up many years ago and no longer find amusement in any of this. So people, enjoy the mullet fest and the demise of our atmosphere with all the smoke generated by these two events. Maybe one day Worster will hit puberty and realise that this kind of behavior seems to be only acceptable in a little, backwater hick town. Or maybe that's just what this town is after all!

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